The Problem is Staggering…

“Medical Error is the 3rd Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.”
– NPR’s Morning Edition

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine estimate that more than 259,000 Americans die each year from medical errors, which can range from surgical complications that go unrecognized to mix-ups with the doses or types of medications patients receive. We all hope we never become the victim of a fatal lapse in care, yet we are also aware of the costs associated with unnecessary tests, wasted medications and a highly complicated health insurance system that patients simply can’t trust.

“4,000 patients die every week due to inaccurate medical records and healthcare.”
– Patient Safety Foundation, 2013

Patient Best® is the Solution

We Save Lives.

Be Your Own Advocate 

Course 101 includes the Patient Best® Medical History Book and an easy online instruction course. Go at your own pace!


Become a Professional

Course 201/202 includes 2 Patient Best® Medical History Books and an expanded certified course that will  get your Patient Best® Advocate career off the ground!


Hire an Advocate

Hire a Patent Best® Advocate to help you or a loved one manage an increasing complicated health care system.

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Patient Best® for Medical Practices

Like Diabetic counseling, the Patient Best® 6-week workshop teaches your patients the importance of compliancy, proactive response, and healthy outcomes for any disease. Customized for your practice! Patient Best® practices have put the true joy back into medicine.

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The Patient Best® Medical History Book Has Countless Benefits


If something happens to you, your book speaks for you. Containing all your medical records, prescriptions and other vital data, it could save your life!


Saves time and frustration by helping patients organize complicated medical and insurance documents in an easy-to-carry personal binder! Over 90% of the doctor’s chart on you has at least one significant mistake.


Over 30% of all labs are unnecessary. Patients learn how to negotiate costs. Work with their doctors and insurance company. Patients keep their updated accurate records with them.




As a practicing physician assistant, Suzanne encountered many patients who were unable to answer questions about their own medical history. Knowing that diagnosis is based largely on what the patient tells the doctor, she was alarmed by the problem and developed a solution, which she provided to patients free of charge – the Patient Best® Medical History Book. She leaned on her experience as a teacher to train patients to use the binder and become their own best advocate. Now, she has turned that training into two easy online courses – one for patients and caregivers and one for professionals.


What Our Providers Are Saying…

“Congested schedules, shorter visits, an aging population, multiple meds, complex medical histories and problem lists…..Suzanne Fiscella’s treatise is a spectacular guide for patients as they attempt to better inform and educate health care providers….this useful guide will serve to enhance true collaboration that is more than ever critical….for us all.”

Robert M Haddad, MD,FACP, Internist