Created by Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C, MA, MS

  • As a practicing physician assistant, Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C encountered many patients who were unable to answer questions about their own medical history
  • She leaned on her experience as a teacher to train patients to use the book and become their own best advocate
  • Knowing that diagnosis is based largely on what the patient tells the doctor, she was alarmed by the problem and developed a solution, which she provided to patients – the Patient Best® Medical History Book
  • Now! she has turned that training into two easy online courses
    – one for patients and caregivers and one for professionals

The Patient Best Story®

How the problem was discovered

The creator of Patient Best® is Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C, a practicing physician assistant in family practice and immediate care. After years of teaching, she returned to school to obtain her Physician Assistant degree. Once in practice, she discovered the huge gap between the patient, doctor, and insurance companies.

About 80% of physicians and physician assistants diagnose and treat patients based on what the patient says during the office visit, and Suzanne soon realized her patients were unable to answer her questions about their own medical history.

Frustrated by her hurried, busy schedule, and yet having compassion for her patients who had no clue as to why they were waiting up to an hour to see her for 15 minutes, Suzanne came up with a solution – Patient Best®.

Now you have your personalized Patient Best® Medical History Book for quick reference.

How the solution was created

Suzanne combined her experience in education with her understanding about health care to write her book and organize a program that:

  • Empowers the patient to talk with the physician in easy terms
  • Gives the physician a complete understanding of the patient’s medical history and what is important to them
  • Is written like a doctor’s chart
  • Gives patients and their families all their own records
  • Means every doctor’s visit is focused on the patient, not a computer or busy schedule.

The outstanding results!

Now, Suzanne sees patients every 15 minutes who have a full and complete understanding of their medical issues. Because her patients are trained to use their Patient Best® Medical History Book and FREE Online Instructions, they can easily answer her questions and give Suzanne the information she needs to make a thorough examination, correct diagnosis, and cost-effective treatment plan, while her patients input gives them peace of mind.

Gone are the days of piecing together medical information and leaving the patient clueless of their own medical history.

“4,000 patients die every week due to inaccurate medical records.”
– Patient Safety Foundation, 2013

Ongoing Healthcare Solutions

Medical Costs:

Since its inception, Suzanne has found too many patients frustrated with medical costs. Patient Best®, LLC has added another benefit to correspond with patient empowerment: Patients can review their medical insurance, and secure the coverage before they get medications, labs and further tests. Also, patients now understand their rights if denied medical tests.

Elder Care:

We are now working on our latest cause! Suzanne has seen too many families over-stressed and exhausted from taking care of elders who they love while trying to raise families of their own. Patient Best® Advocates alleviate this pressure and give the family back their time and energy.