Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2017-08-05T07:34:38-04:00
As a Patient Best® Advocate, will I have to specialize?2017-08-05T07:07:56-04:00

This is up to each advocate. While most Patient Best® Advocates chose to work within their passion, there is always the opportunity to offer new services and learn from other Patient Best® Advocates what works best for them.

How will I find my clients?2017-08-05T07:07:13-04:00

Clients come from the growing list of community referrals, Patient Best® name recognition as well as multiple areas of health and aging concerns.

How long does it take for me to be profitable?2017-08-05T07:06:42-04:00

This depends on each advocate and the number of hours you chose to work.

Will I get help starting my business once I become a Patient Best® Advocate?2017-08-05T07:06:07-04:00

Yes, once you have successfully completed the Patient Best® Professional Course and agree to sign with Patient Best® Solutions, you will be given the information and techniques successfully used to launch your business.  You will be an independent contractor and will not be employed by Patient Best® Solutions but will work closely with mentors.

What is the difference between any advocate and a Patient Best® Advocate?2017-08-05T07:04:51-04:00

Patient Best® Advocates have the advantage of always sharing knowledge, skill and ideas with one another.  Patient Best® Solutions believe that advocates need time to spend with their family and friends so each advocate covers and supports other advocates in case their clients need immediate help.

Patient Best® Solutions also believes Patient Best® Advocates should spend their time doing what they love best, not collecting their fees, worrying about getting new clients, or burning out due to poor time management.  Patient Best® Solutions handles these concerns for the Patient Best® Advocate.

How do I become a Patient Best Advocate?2017-08-05T07:03:46-04:00

All Patient Best® Advocates must successfully complete the Patient Best® Professional Advocate Course. Upon completion, the graduate will have the option to apply and join the Patient Best® Advocate System, known as Patient Best® Solutions as an independent contractor.  This system offers many benefits, including client payment collections, marketing techniques, contracts, and working solutions with other Patient Best® Advocates, etc.

How long will it take to become a Patient Best® Advocate?2017-08-05T07:03:11-04:00

Patient Best® Advocates take the Patient Best® Professional Course in as little as 15 days but it is recommended that the Patient Best® student learn the material over 15 weeks.

Is there a National Certification to be a Patient Advocate?2017-08-05T07:02:20-04:00

There is no certification or licensing now. The Patient Advocate Certification Board is reviewing standards and ethics to evaluate the need for certification eventually.

What is the difference between the Patient Best® course for $99 and the Patient Best® Professional Advocacy Course for $995?2017-08-05T07:00:41-04:00

Patient Best® Self-Advocacy

Patient Best® Professional Advocate Course

7 teaching modules online

15 teaching and marketing modules online

One Patient Best® Medical History Binder

TWO Patient Best® Medical History Binders

Workshops (when available) in seat

Currently under review with the Patient Advocate Certification Board for National Board Exam qualification

Total Cost: $99.00 (Book and training modules included)

Total Cost: $995.00 (2 Books, training and marketing  modules included)

What is Patient Best®?2017-08-05T06:55:58-04:00

Patient Best® is a healthcare education and advocacy company.

There are 2 courses to choose from:

  • The Self-Advocacy Course ($99) is for individuals or doctor offices who want patients to be trained in better healthcare.
  • Patient Best® Professional Advocate Course ($995) is designed for the person who wants to become a professional advocate.

Patient Best® Solutions is the supporting advocate service for Patient Best® Advocates.