Patient Best® Self Advocacy Online Course with FREE Medical History Binder

Patient Best® Self Advocacy Online Course with FREE Medical History Binder


The Patient Best® Medical History Book is a loose-leaf binder patients use to keep their personal medical records safe, accurate and complete. Once the Patient Best® Medical History Book is purchased, it will be shipped to the customer. Purchase also includes the FREE online instruction guide on how to acquire, review, and place healthcare medical records in the book’s tabs. Once complete, the patient will take this book on ALL healthcare visits, sharing accurate, effective information so no waste or error occurs. Because the Patient Best® Medical History Book is written like a doctor’s chart, every doctor quickly appreciates this incredible patient-centered safety tool.



Medical Mistakes are the #3 killer in Americans today due to inaccurate medical records and misinformation. The Patient Best® Medical History Book prevents this. Patient Best® book owners have learned how wrong their doctor’s records really are! Each book is a loose-leaf binder with 23 tabs. Each tab represents one part of your medical record used by your doctors. You will obtain ALL your medical records. Then correct the mistakes found in this information and place your accurate and complete medical records in your OWN book. You keep this book with you during all office visit’s, emergencies and hospitalizations, referring to it often. Every time you visit a healthcare facility, you ask for a copy of your doctor’s chart be sent to your home. Review it, correct it, and place it in your personal medical records for a later discussion with your doctor.

The Online instructions are easy-to-view, and gives insightful information on how to maneuver through our deadly healthcare system safely. You will also learn what questions you need to ask, what your doctor wish you knew and how to extract safe effective treatment at low cost from a broken medical system.

The guide also addresses how to work with insurance, handle mounting medical bills, and establish the priorities needed for healthful aging.


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