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Patient Best® is a solution for patients and caregivers, a flexible and lucrative career for others, and a best practice for professionals who want to enhance patient outcomes through better communication and understanding.

Developed by an experienced physician assistant with a background in teaching and nursing, the Patient Best® Medical History Book is a field-tested solution with amazing results. The book and online training together help individual patients and their caregivers take charge of their health. Optimizing patient involvement greatly enhances communication between patients and health professionals. In fact, many practices benefit from putting Patient Best® into their patients’ hands, as founder Suzanne Fiscella has done.

Anyone Can Do It!

The free online training course that comes with each book is flexible, allowing you to go at your own pace. The book and course make patient advocacy easy, regardless of prior experience or education. It’s designed for patients from all walks of life!

The training can even prepare you for a career as a professional advocate, without the expense of attending a college or university. The Patient Best® Professional Advocacy Course expands the patient-centered Patient Best® Advocate Course and competencies which launch users into a career as a Certified Patient Best® Advocate.


You Can Hire an Advocate

Becoming a Patient Best® advocate is easy, but if you are unable to serve as an advocate for a loved one, due to distance or other work and family obligations, consider hiring a Patient Best® Advocate to do the job for you!

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