Why become a Patient Best® Advocate?

8 benefits to becoming a Patient Best® Advocate!

  1. Our course includes:
    • The Principles of Patient Advocacy
    • The History of Patient Advocacy
    • Two Patient Best® Medical History Books (included)
    • Scope of Practice Best Practices
    • Legal obligations
    • Advocates Services Marketing and Sales
    • Training and Website Page
    • Mentoring program to fit your needs
    • Professional Code of Ethics

And so much more to get you started…

  1. Patient Best® is known for the excellent quality of care given by its advocates.
  2. As a Patient Best® Advocate, you focus on your clients and we do all the rest.
  3. Patient Best® provides all attorney reviewed contracts for you.
  4. Patient Best® does all your billing and collections for you.
  5. Nationally known so you get referrals first from other Patient Best® Advocates.
  6. Patient Best® provides continual education, marketing trends and updates in your profession.
  7. Patient Best® is a strong supporter of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, ADVO Connection and the Patient Advocate Certification BoardTM

Request an application for our Patient Best® Advocate Program today! 

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A Career That Makes People’s Lives Better – Including Yours!

A Career That Makes People’s Lives Better – Including Yours!
This course is only 15 modules. For under $1000, you can be trained in the fastest growing health profession today – Patient Advocacy.
Who Makes a Difference? – You Do!

See FAQs for more information.

This course offers the same competencies and requirements of all college courses.

Patients are waiting for YOU!

Make A Difference As A Professional Health Care Career Advocate

  • No one specializes in the structure and function of the medical service industry like a Patient Best® Advocate.
  • We understand the system. We care. We counsel. We have solutions. We offer clarity.
  • We make a very lucrative income.
  • Our reward is in helping those who cannot help themselves. We expect excellence.
  • We work for ourselves. We decide our own hours.
  • We handle crisis intervention. We demand good patient-customer service for our clients.
  • We solve problems. We get results.
  • We know insurance. We know medical bills.
  • We find the right solutions for the right problems.

Reasons to Enroll Now in the Patient Best® Professional Advocate Course

It’s the fastest growing profession in the medical field.

It costs less than an average college advocacy program.

You can start now and begin working once you complete the course.

The course provides you guidance to get your first clients.

Advocate courses offered in colleges cost $6,000 or more, while Patient Best® is just $995. The Patient Best® online course allows you to go at your own pace. There are no prerequisites, and to become a Professional Advocate, there is no degree or licensing required. You don’t even need a background in health care – just the desire to help patients and their families have the best health care experience possible.

Advocates are the missing piece in the health care puzzle

  • Because you work for patients, not insurance companies or doctors, you might be the only person on the patients’ side in many difficult situations.
  • There will continue to be a need for advocates – 11,006 patients a day are turning 65, and this trend will continue until 2029, the last of the baby boomers.
  • By 2050 over 25% of the population will be 75 years old or older, pushing through an already heavily taxed medical system.
  • Doctors are leaving the profession.
  • Many are being crunched for time.
  • Patients are left in the dark. Treatment choices are not explored or explained.
  • Adult children live too far away or are too busy to take care of their parents.
  • Sickness means thousands of dollars and no one to turn to.
  • Families are devastated and no answers are found.
  • Insurance coverage is unexplained; services dropped from coverage..
  • Solutions are mysteriously derailed by medical insurance and facilities.
  • Calls can’t be returned. Labs and tests are not read correctly.

What Our Professional Advocates Are Saying…

“As a Patient Best® Advocate, I give hope, care and solutions to my clients. I am backed by Patient Best® Solutions, a system of confidence and support which truly believes the patient comes first, like it used to be.”

Professional Advocate