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We’re educating your patients on how to appreciate you and work around healthcare discontinuity, regulations, denials, and costs. We’re your patient support team. Your patients want to reach out to you. We’re showing them how.

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A Stronger Patient Relationship

Did you lose your passion for medicine?  No.

Did you lose your passion to help patients? No.

Did you lose your ability to practice? YES.

Physicians did not see HEALTHCARE coming and it snuck into the very fibers which held the doctor-patient relationship on sacred ground.

Jerome Groopman, MD said it best in his book, How Doctors Think, “Time is the bedrock of a pinnacle practice.” Patients and doctors must have time to converse, strategize and support one another.

Doctors are not paid on how many minutes they spend with their patients, but healthcare businesses pay doctors on how many patients they can see within minutes.

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Making A Difference in Healthcare

Kaci Durbin, MD is spot-on in her article, Online Physician Reviews: Patients are the ones who will suffer (KevinMD; August 20, 2017). [.. the doctor’s ethical and moral duty is to prevent or treat the patient’s illness or injury, whether or not that is what makes the patient “happy” or satisfied.  A physician is required to have the difficult conversations about weight, life expectancy, poor lifestyle choices, and other topics that tend to make people unhappy… They encourage the overweight man to lose weight even though it might offend him.  They refuse to prescribe the narcotic pain medication to the drug user, even though she is furious.  They tell the mother that her child with a virus does not need antibiotics.  Because physicians take an oath during medical school to do no harm, if what the patient wants is harmful, they cannot and should not comply.  Yet, doctors often receive negative online reviews for doing what is right.]

And Patients are just as frustrated. They don’t understand what happened. They can’t see their doctor anymore. And when they do, it’s for 10 minutes.

What Our Patients Are Saying…

“Once my doctor saw my Patient Best® Medical History Book, he treated me with a whole new level of respect. He now answers my questions, resolves my concerns and we work together finding a solution to meet my medical needs. What a difference Patient Best® has made in my medical life!!”

Ruth, 98, CA