Accurate record-keeping can be a matter of life or death. Multiple doctor visits and medications can lead to chronic disease management mistakes. The Patient Best® Medical History Binder could literally save your life!

Over 90% of all doctor medical records on you contain at least one critical mistake.

Additionally, this binder authorizes you to share all your medical records with family members, and any doctor or specialist you choose. If you cannot speak for yourself, this Binder will do it for you! It organizes your insurance claims and records. The tutorial online course will instruct you on the secrets of working with (or around) insurance companies to secure the best possible coverage at the lowest cost.

Safety – Cost Savings – Peace of Mind

Buy your Patient Best® Medical History Binder and get started today on building your own set of true accurate medical records!


Reasons to Invest in Patient Best®

Our Health Care Problems Are Growing

  • 4,000 patients are dying every week due to inaccurate medical records and care. (Patient Safety Foundation, 2013)
  • The medical system is in disarray and the system is failing both patient and doctor
  • Over the next 5 years, 50% of doctors will no longer take Medicare
  • Insurance Premiums are skyrocketing
  • Less health care services are covered
  • Medication costs are up 416%!
  • Medical test costs are rising steeply
  • Deductibles are so high, most patients can’t pay them
  • Patients wait hours to see their doctor or can’t get an appointment for weeks
  • Patients wait days for a returned phone call from the doctor
  • Doctors are overworked
  • 11,006 patients are turning 65 every day and overwhelming the medical system
  • Medicine is now working in emergency mode

Patient Best® is the Solution

The $99 Patient Best® Binder with its 7-module tutorial course will teach you the secrets, rules and false assumptions in the medical profession.

Accurate Medical Records secure, clarify and confirm correct treatment and cooperative medical service. A Patient Best® education enables you to take personal responsibility for your healthcare.

  • Keep your binder with you always
  • Refer to it when at the doctor’s office and assume the doctor’s chart is not accurate
  • Compare your binder to your doctor’s chart on you and make corrections
  • Learn the 7 secrets to every medical visit
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Put your own medical records together today so your doctor will get the clear picture of your health
  • Discover the right questions you should be asking on all doctor visits
  • Know why your doctor is ordering tests, labs, and treatment plans on you
  • Expect results and solutions
  • Know that your safety is the responsibility of the doctor and your records

What Our Advocates are Saying…

“Once my doctor saw my Patient Best® Medical History Book, he treated me with a whole new level of respect. He now answers my questions, resolves my concerns and we work together finding a solution to meet my medical needs. What a difference Patient Best® has made in my medical life!!”

Ruth, 98, CA