Why Hire a Patient Best® Advocate?

Because Patient Best® was created with physician, healthcare providers and patient input, it has the practical knowledge and understanding advocates need to become excellent Patient Best® professionals, who truly will make a difference in patients’ lives. We only hire the best of the best to join the Patient Best® team, and that’s what you get when you hire a Patient Best® Advocate.

Why Hire a Patient Best® Advocate?

The creator of Patient Best® is Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C, MA, MS a practicing physician assistant in family practice and immediate care. After years of teaching, she returned to school to obtain her Physician Assistant degree. Once in practice, she discovered the huge gap between the patient, doctor, and insurance companies.

About 80% of physicians and physician assistants diagnose and treat patients based on what the patient says during the office visit, and Suzanne soon realized her patients were unable to answer her questions about their own medical history.

Patient Best® Advocates:

  • Understand doctor’s pressures
  • Eliminate patient mistakes
  • Give a complete medical history
  • Collaborate Doctor-Patient care
  • Saves time, money and life

How to Hire a Patient Best® Advocate

CALL NOW! 1.800.914.1625

Who Needs a Patient Best® Advocate?

Patients who are confused, angry, have unresolved Health Issues or bills piling up and no one is listening. Hire the Patient Best® Advocate, Master of the Medical System who can find the answers.

Patients who, due to their medical condition, can’t be their own advocate. This includes patients whose age or health condition causes confusion, impaired memory or low energy.

Give Your Concerns to The Professionals

Concerned Caregivers

Caregivers who want to help but are already busy with family and work might prefer to hire an advocate rather than going through the Patient Best® training themselves. It’s one less thing to worry about.

Family & Loved Ones

Whether due to distance or other work and family obligations, a patient’s loved ones might not be able to advocate for them. Hiring an advocate is a necessity in this case.

Enjoy Time With Her

What Our Patients Are Saying…

“Once my doctor saw my Patient Best® Medical History Book, he treated me with a whole new level of respect. He now answers my questions, resolves my concerns and we work together finding a solution to meet my medical needs. What a difference Patient Best® has made in my medical life!!”

Ruth, 98, CA